Saturday, October 11, 2008

The bride and groom are back

Last Saturday, my blogflection discussed a May 2008 California Supreme Court decision overturning a state ban on same-sex marriage. This was followed with new state guidelines for county clerks who issue marriage licenses, requiring them to replace "bride" and "groom" on the license application with "party A" and "party "B". State officials deleted the terms bride and groom contending that the forms had to use gender-neutral language. You can read my entire blogflection here:


Well I was not alone in my consternation.

On Monday, California state officials, saying they had heard from residents all over the state who want to be identified as "bride" and "groom" on their marriage license, said the state forms will be changed once again. Couples filling out the license application soon will have the option of declaring themselves bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom. They also can leave the space blank. The words "Party A" and "Party B" have been removed from the new forms that will be available in county offices beginning on November 17th.

"Nothing is greater or better than this; that a man and wife dwell together in accord." Odyssey: Homer, 850 B.C.

Once again, voters in California will have an opportunity to vote YES on a constitutional amendment, known as Proposition 8, which would override this court decision. The measure will appear on the 2008 California general election ballot this November. I'm voting YES for Proposition 8 so women can be women, men can be men, brides can be brides, grooms can be grooms, wives can be wives and husbands can be husbands. Whether it passes or not, it's great to know that the bride and groom are back.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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