Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coming out of retirement again

For some time now, I’ve identified myself as a “retired runner” and have pretty much acted as one with the exception of an eight week “relapse” last August and September 2011 when I included some treadmill running with my gym training.

That treadmill work was once a week of running intervals (e.g. multiple rounds of 400 meter fast runs with short walking recovery periods) and a couple tests of the one mile distance for time. I wasn’t in running shape when I began but ended being in decent running shape for a hard one mile run.  I definitely wasn’t marathon material and certainly wasn’t in 5k or 10k fun run condition either.

After these intense weekly running gym sessions, I was finally able to run one mile on the treadmill in the decent time (for me) of 6:48. Then, for whatever reason I can’t remember right now, I got sidetracked or – to be kinder to myself - redirected to a different type of anaerobic cardio training and haven’t ran since.

With the weather getting nicer and summer not far away, I’ve had an “itch” to lace up my running shoes and hit the streets – or perhaps the park for a more middle-age man friendly running surface. Thoughts of visiting a high school that has an all-weather track has also entered my cluttered mind, along with the idea of buying a new pair of running shoes and a replacement battery for my currently inoperable heart rate monitor.

I know I’m out of running shape right now but I’ve been there before and know what’s necessary to get back in shape. I also know how to design smart running workouts that include intensity to prepare me for another one mile test.  For some reason, as I sit on my butt being ever so comfortable, the thought of running an outdoor mile in 6:30 seems like a lofty goal but one that motivates me.

Can I do it? Yes I believe I can run a mile in this time. Will I do it before the summer ends? Good question and who knows; certainly not me at this moment.

Last Thursday, I took the first step and bought a new pair of running shoes and then, later than afternoon, went out and ran an easy 10 minute one mile at a local park. It went pretty well and left me feeling energized and motivated. On Saturday, I bought a replacement battery for my heart rate monitor and did a treadmill running workout consisting of 400 meter intervals. My fastest 400 meter run was at a 7:30 mile pace, a far cry from where I need to be if I want to run that 6:30 mile.

So this means that I’m coming out of retirement again.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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