Friday, May 4, 2012

I've been called it

Thus far in my life journey, I’ve worn many hats and have had many friendships and relationships with others. Closer to home, I am and have been a husband, father, son, grandson, great-grandson, brother, brother-in-law, nephew, cousin, and uncle.

Outside of family and home, I am and have been a classmate, college student, friend, soldier, veteran, karateka, fitness buff or dude, and co-worker to name a few. You do know that I’ve also proclaimed myself as the ambassador to middle-age men around the world. This ambassador stuff is serious business and I wear that hat with great honor and upmost responsibility.

This list is not all-inclusive but rather than add to it, I’ll stop while I’m ahead because I might forget where I was going with today’s blogflection.

And where was I going? Glad you asked. It was to list some of the adjectives and other descriptive expressions and terms that I’ve been called by others I’ve known in these friendships and relationships. Some are good and others are not so good. Let’ skip the good ones and focus on the bad ones as that might be a funnier read for you and, besides, good should be a given.

I’ve been called a jerk for starters. I’ve also been described as bad, dumb, mean, cruel, and callous to name a few. Want more? How about aloof, selfish, narcissistic, devious, evil, smart-ass, stupid and insensitive? I could go on and on but you get my point and see the picture that some have painted of me.

If movie ratings were used for the descriptions I’ve been called, I’m the owner of a few G ratings and many X-ratings.

For every day there is a night, for every action there is reaction, for every push there is a pull, for every positive there is a negative, for every yin there is a yang, and so on. That’s certainly also the case with what people have and do say about me.

While being on the receiving end of some of these more unfavorable descriptions, I’ve always had a quick response that I’d be worried if the only thing people had to say about me were good things.

What’s that all about? Is it another instance of a character defect rather than me acknowledging there’s something about me that needs work?

I’ll write about that on another day but for right now I’ll close by saying that if you can think of it, I’ve been called it.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Whiffet said...

Interesting post. I always struggle when I receive praise in real life. It makes me feel very uneasy -- usually because I don't feel that I deserve it. It's a trait I'm trying to overcome.

I know I am selfish, too. It's perhaps the main thing people tell me. I'm trying to work on that one, too.

Pierini Fitness said...

Whiffet, I too have struggled being on the receiving end of praise, although I believe at more at ease with it at this point in my life. One way, perhaps, to learn how to be at ease with praise is to deliver it in a genuine way to others deserving of it, while savoring their friendship.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great day!

billfish said...

Don't worry about it....we are probably guilty of those accusations at some time. LOL