Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'll find out in two weeks

About four weeks ago I announced that I was a retired runner who was coming out of retirement with a goal of running a 6:30 mile on the track by the end of summer. I wrote this sitting on the comfort of my behind. Belching out lofty goals is easy in this position just as it is to be a Monday morning quarterback or a backseat driver.

My training is moving along slowly and perhaps a little slower than ideal but that is the price I pay to avoid training injury. For me and my calculating mind, it’s all about simple and well-thought progressions in the pace and duration of my running training. I know to run faster I must train faster so I don’t do that trotting type of pleasure running that some people do. I’ll take a nice walk if I want that kind of pleasure.

I’ve done some outdoor running but have yet to visit the track for a workout; I’m not ready yet. To the dismay of many real runners, I’ve chosen the treadmill for its safety and speed precision to work on “perfect pace management”, the key to running a smart race. I tested myself last week and ran a 7:18 mile on the treadmill at a one percent incline. When I consistently can do this distance at a 6:45 pace, I’ll be ready for track training to close in on my 6:30 goal.

Some people comment that running on the treadmill is easier than running on the road or track and I agree but I know, based on past experience, that I can cover a given distance on both in about the same time with my best effort.

My first track timed trial to see where I’m at will be on July 5th at a local all comers track and field meet at the high school I attended many moons ago. An all-comers meet is a fun competition where anyone who has an interest in track and field events can compete – real track athletes and “ham and egger” types like me. A client and I will enter the 1,500 meter race distance and see what kind of middle-age man fitness shape we are in.

I may come in last place and that thought doesn’t bother me so long as I run my very best because I know that if I run my very best, I’ll complete that distance in a good time and move closer to my goal. I don’t have a clue what my race time will be but I’ll find out in two weeks.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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