Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Middle-aged man behind prison bars

It wasn't hard for me to not take a liking to Jared Fogle and his amazing story of how an obese young man lost over 200 pounds of bodyweight.  With his weight-loss success, a star was born known to you and me as The Subway Guy.

Fogle accomplished his remarkable weight loss by making healthier food choices with smaller portions that were free of fattening condiments and eating a daily dose of Subway sandwiches, or so the story goes.

Fogle’s story was a rags to riches fun read delight of the weight loss variety but economic prosperity followed him with a 15-year stint serving as a spokesperson for Subway.  According to several internet sources, Fogle had a reported net worth in the $15 million range.  Not bad for a 37-year young man who wasn't even old enough to be crowned a middle-aged man.

I’m sure Fogle’s nerdy-like character and seemingly-humble persona resonated well with many middle-aged men besides me.  It was easy to consider him an A-OK guy.

Until recently that is and now no more. 

About a week ago, every which way you looked on the internet, reported about a Fogle who had a different dark character and who lived a very sordid secret life.  He was addicted to child pornography and, by his own confession, engaged in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

Fogle will spend a lot of time behind prison bars; his life of fame as he knew it is now long gone.  In its place will be a creepy legend in which he will no longer be remembered as famous but infamous.

In less than 8 years, he will be a middle-aged man behind prison bars.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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