Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 burpee challenge report #1

Thought I’d give an update on how my 2016 burpee challenge is coming along.  For those not familiar, it’s 100 burpees a day every Monday through Friday for a total of 35 days of 100 burpees starting on January 1st.

I’ve completed these 100 burpees sometimes as part of a kettlebell workout and other times as a 100 burpees-only training day.  On the burpee-only days, I’ve had a lot of variety with regard to intensity and burpees per round to make sure not every day is too intense.  You know that burpees by their very nature are intense even when performed at a more relaxed pace.

So beginning on January 1st, it took me 14:34 to complete 100 burpees.  That day I did so by completing 10 rounds of 10 burpees per round and starting a new round about every 1:30.

Yesterday it took me 12:59 to complete 100 burpees and I got the burpee job done by performing 20 rounds of 5 burpees.  I started a new round every 0:39. 

Experience tells me that the time it takes me to complete 100 burpees will gradually albeit slowly decrease as my cardiovascular system adapts to their rigor.  Where my time will eventually end is anyone’s guess but I’ll take whatever improvement comes my way from the effort expended.

I’ll periodically provide updates like this but for right now Pierini Fitness sports fans, this is my 2016 burpee challenge report #1.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider doing one rep times the day of the year? In other words, one burpee Jan 1st, 31 burpees Jan 31st, 365 Burpees 12/31? I did this with pushups back in my Navy days.

Pierini Fitness said...

I'm aware of that challenge but this is the one I settled on. It's all good; we just got to show up and do it. Thanks for your comment.