Friday, September 27, 2019

Summer 2019 fitness goals accountability report

As previously reported here at Pierini Fitness, Summer 2019 fitness goals were established and the training I did during the summer just ended was based on achieving these goals.  I announced them here:  

Summer is over so now it’s time to give my sports fans an executive briefing of how I did.

Complete a 10k fun run at a 9:00 mile pace
I ran two fun runs this summer, a July 4th 5-miler and the popular Wharf to Wharf 6-miler.  My mile per hour pace for the July 4th run was 8:45 and for the Wharf to Wharf it was 8:50. 

This goal was achieved. 

Run one mile on a high school track in 7:30
On the last day of summer, I visited a local high school track and timed myself running one mile.  My time was 7:18.3.  

This goal was achieved.  

Complete 100 alternating pull-ups and chin-ups in 20 minutes
This was a carryover goal from Spring 2019 and one that was almost achieved but not quite as my final spring effort resulted in a time of 20:03.  So, I continued chasing this goal during the summer with the intention of meeting it only if I completed 5 rep minimum rounds.  This would require 20 rounds of 5 reps in 20 minutes.  I decided to relax the 5-rep minimum and gave one final effort on the last day of summer, completing 101 reps in 20:28.  

This goal was not achieved. 

Maintain bodyweight of 172-177 lbs. for 98 percent of Summer 2019 days
There were 94 days in Summer 2019, and I weighed less than 177 lbs. each day but there were some days when I weighed less than 172 lbs., probably due to the increasing running workouts. 

This goal was achieved.

Achieve 16 percent body fat
A DXA-Scan test I had done about one week before summer began reported my body fat was 18.8 percent.  I had a scan scheduled for Wednesday, but it was cancelled by the company due to technical difficulties.  I’m scheduled to have the scan done next Wednesday on October 2nd and will results in a follow-up report.  

To be determined if this goal was achieved. 

Trim waist to 32 inches
I started summer at 33.75 inches and ended at 33.50 inches.  

This goal was not achieved.

Bump VO2 Max to 46
VO2 Max (also maximal oxygen consumption, maximal oxygen uptake, peak oxygen uptake or maximal aerobic capacity) is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise of increasing intensity.  The “V” is for volume, O2 is for “oxygen”.  VO2 Max is a measure of maximal oxygen consumption and, therefore, cardio-respiratory fitness and endurance capacity when exercising.

I started with a VO2 Max reading that bounced back and forth between 43 and 44, saw it drop to a low of 38 and eventually end on the last day of summer at 44.   

This goal was not achieved.

Pierini Fitness Fall 2019 fitness goals have been etched in stone and I’ll share them with on Monday. 

There you have it Pierini Fitness sports fans, my Summer 2019 fitness goals accountability report.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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