Saturday, June 20, 2009

Show up and do it

Yesterday was a fun training day for me because I brought a friend to my gym as a guest. Our training goals are different so he and I went our separate ways initially and did our own things. I concentrated on front squats and weighted pullups while he worked his biceps and triceps.

Afterwards, we worked together by doing five sets of explosive and fast-paced front squats with a moderate weight for 10 reps each set with 90 seconds recovery between sets. That made the workout more like a short anaerobic cardio session rather than a strength session. It was fun doing it together; he did his set and then I followed and we both kept our recovery to 90 seconds between sets. We both finished our five sets about 35 seconds shy of the 10 minute mark.

Normally I train alone nowadays so training with a buddy was fun and I hope to do it again soon.

I played around with weighted standard grip pullups again and got as high as a single rep with 80 lbs. added. This is a 10 lb. improvement over my effort about two weeks ago and 2.5 lbs. less than my personal best of 82.5 lbs. from a couple years ago. I tried a weighted single standard grip chinup with 100 lbs. added and failed very convincingly. About two weeks ago I was successful with 88 lbs. added. My personal best from a couple years ago is 100 lbs. added.

Here's a short video of the pullup with 80 lbs. added:

It was just another training day in the life of a middle-age man fitness dude. I didn't hit any home runs or set any personal records. Despite that, it's all good. I just got to show up and do it.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

Glad you had fun training with someone else. I always train alone so I wouldn't know what that's like. Nice vid on the weighted pullup.

pierini said...

Thanks Charles - have a great weekend!