Monday, June 15, 2009

Squatting five percent more

Last week I started the Russian Squat Program, a three times a week progressive resistance squat training program done over a six-week period. I’ve done it before a couple years ago. This time I’m using it with Olympic style front squats.

You can use this program to design your squatting workout routines to increase your strength, not mass. It also should not be used as your only squatting program over an extended time period; rather, it is intended as a means of inserting some variation into your programming and should not be used as a program mainstay.

I believe the progressive resistance design of this program works well with barbell deadlifts, military presses, weighted pullups or chinups, and weighted bar dips.

Here’s a website link to a Russian Squat Program Generator that will design a workout for you. Simple enter your current one rep maximum for any exercise and a progressive resistance training program for the next six weeks will be prepared for you. It’s designed to increase your one rep maximum by five percent at the end of six weeks.

Russian Squat Program Generator

I’ll check back with you in about five weeks and hopefully will report that I’m squatting five percent more.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Gunther said...

good luck with the program.

pierini said...

Thank you Gunther and thanks for the visit.

Have a great day!

John said...

Hi Pierini,I used that program and real hard it was to. I need to admit it was the hardest weight training I have ever done. recovering time was an issue for me. Did show some good gains I hope you do aswell.
Stay Well Stay Happy