Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nonsense is infinite

While talking to a friend the other day about my Pierini Fitness blog, I shared how easy it is for me to compose my daily blogflections. People are amazed when I tell them that my average blogflection takes less than 20 minutes to compose from start to finish. Some take longer such as my recent blogflection about the day I conquered manual labor. Once I get the blogflection topic idea in my head, the composition is relatively easy and swift. I consider my composition swiftness a gift from God.

What I’ve also noticed from over a year of blogging is that my business composition skills have improved. My business correspondence is much more flowing and not as stiff and upright as before, yet just as effective in my humble opinion.

Despite this “it comes easy for me” brag sharing, I do sometimes get momentary panic thoughts of what would happen if one day there were no longer any creative and original blogflection topic ideas floating around in my head; a discovery and realization that my creative writing well has dried up. What would I do and what would all the middle-age men around the world do if their self-appointed ambassador was no longer able to eloquently deliver his daily blogflection homily?

Those momentary panic thoughts always quickly pass with accompanying sighs of relief when I realize that my creativity well will never run dry because, like the road to nowhere, nonsense is infinite.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Tom said...

All writing teachers know - writing makes you a better writer.

As for drying up, one day try to go from morning to night with no opinion or feeling. Ain't gonna happen.

Justin_PS said...

Yeah, you're definetly bragging! You can stop now!

Seriously, I have to hand it to you. My blogging experience has been that I have great ideas rush at me so fast that I can barely write them down fast enough. Then, I get droughts where I have nothing to write and struggle to come up with things.

Either way, it's a rewarding experience that helps out in a lot of different ways in life. I'm glad that you're doing it.

Keep it up and, as always, good job!

Charles Long said...

I haven't updated my blog in a long time as my well is currently dry. But you do a great job. You're a much better middle age man ambassador than I could be.

pierini said...

As always fellas, thanks for your comments and your visits. Sorry I wasn't home when you stopped by but I was getting my "every 2 months whether I need it or not" haircut.

Have a great day!