Monday, October 19, 2009

Swinging the clubs

Last Friday was one of those days where I didn’t feel like training but knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t do something. So something is what I did with a free-for-all and unstructured workout using clubbells. I’m a clubbell rookie and decided to play with them and see where this play led me.

Here’s a short video incorporating basic karate stances and clubbells for a couple minutes of my hour-long experimental, flowing and playful workout that met my benchmark fitness training standard of something is better than nothing:

It was a fun Friday afternoon workout swinging the clubs.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Tom said...

That looks like a good, scaleable moving exercise. That the stance happens to be a karate stance doesn't need to call for the punch, no benefit exercisedly or karatedly as far as I can see. The nostalgia is nice and appreciated, though.

I did it with a dumb-bell but had to be careful not to smash a knee. I liked the movement and the breathing it caused.

pierini said...

Tom, the punch at the end was instinctive albeit weak. There actually was a learning benefit and that is, as you know, punching is a whole body movement for power and speed and when the body is devoted to some other activity, it's not simultananeously available.

Thanks for your comment and your, as always, impeccable spelling perfections. Reminds me of my old high school teacher.