Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's time to see my doctor

Like many middle-age men, I don’t have a close relationship with my medical doctor. Quite frankly, I don’t even know his or her name. I did several years ago but that doctor retired to enter a more noble profession of being a full-time mom. I was assigned a new doctor whom I’ve yet to meet or visit for an exam.

Since turning age 50, I continue to be blessed with good health with only an occasional cold and fitness-related minor aches and pains. But after constant reminders that I’m past due for a colonoscopy exam, and because of planned changes to my health insurance coverage, I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment for next Monday.

As a self-employed person, I pay for my own health insurance that now costs a whopping $858 per month for my wife and me. This plan will probably cost over $1,000 per month next year. That’s unacceptable to me so I’m changing plan coverage by converting to a Health Savings Account (HSA) high-deductible plan. This type of plan will save me over $400 a month. In exchange for the lower premium, I’ll be responsible for up to $10,500 per year of medical costs for my wife and me. That’s a lot of financial risk but one I’m prepared to assume.

First, however, I’ll have a medical exam and get my past-due middle-age man colonoscopy exam, just to confirm that my “all-is-fine” health self-assessment is correct. So after years of procrastination, next Monday it’s time to see my doctor.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

Don't forget your PSA also.

Isn't it crazy how much health insurance costs these days? We've been thinking of doing the HSA, but I'm scared to "take the plunge". I don't know why though. So far, my family's been very healthy. Just the uncertainty of the future I guess.
I haven't been to the doctor in years either. Somthing I should probably do soon.

Good luck,

Franklin said...

That's a very difficult choice you made and one that I hope works out well for you.

Having turned 55, I had to schedule my 5 year colonoscopy re-examination for two weeks from now. Given that my dad had colon cancer (and some how survived for another thirty years), its something I have to have done.

Continue to stay healthy and strong!

Charles Long said...

I very rarely go to the doctor. Last time was 3 years ago for a physical. Before that was when I injured my shoulder at work and had to go. I hate getting physicals because the doc wants to put a glove on and stick his hand up my rear to look for my prostate. It's humiliating and painful. My company insurance pays for a yearly physical so I suppose I should do it more often.

I hope it goes well for you, Ed.