Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zealously lethargic

After a conversation with someone, I’ll often wish them good faith, fitness, fortune and health. I put this expression in the same category as “have a good day” and other blindly-expressed and robotic utterances that sound more cliché than “see you later” or "good-bye".

What exactly does it mean to have good faith, fitness, fortune and health? How do we measure the quality of these attributes? How do we go about our daily lives pursuing them? Do we do it deliberately and with focus, or haphazardly without clarity? And finally, how bad do we want good faith, fitness, fortune and health? Do we want it only if served to us on a silver platter, or do we want it bad enough that we eat, breathe and sleep it in our day-to-day activities?

It’s honest to say that we all want it and that we want it bad - I do that’s for sure – but are we always willing to do the hard work required? As the calendar year comes to a close and I think about setting goals and resolutions for the new year, now is a good time for me to reflect on how I spent my time this year pursuing good faith, fitness, fortune and health. Did I do so with youthful passion and purpose or like a middle-age man zealously lethargic?

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

Good post. For good faith, fitness, fortune, and health you need to do several things. You need to visualize it in your mind of where you want to be. Then you need to take action. You need to do the things to get you there and avoid the things that hinder you. Many of us know where we want to be but are too lazy to take action or too undisciplined to avoid the obstacles. We can't get where we want if we don't know where we are going. And if we do know, we have to move in the right direction without the detours.

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Charles and thanks for the visit.

You'll get no argument from me on what you wrote.

Have a great day!