Monday, February 8, 2010

Twice a week gets the job done

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Last week I only trained twice, once on Monday and again on Wednesday. Both workouts were in the late afternoon after work and each lasted slightly longer than one hour. I planned to do something on Friday but it just didn’t happen and, in hindsight, that was good because my body and mind needed the rest. I was a little short in the sleep department that day.

On Monday I did six sets of barbell squats supersetted with my favorite 6-grip pullup/chinup medley. On Wednesday I did six sets of barbell squat cleans supersetted with barbell overhead presses, and then wrapped it up with about nine minutes of running intervals on the treadmill.

Both workouts satisfied the spirit of my “something is better than nothing” training mindset that I follow when the rigors of my work get in the way of my fitness training.

Reflecting back on last week’s training effort, there’s no doubt about it that to maintain a reasonable level of middle-age man fitness, twice a week gets the job done.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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Charles Long said...

And twice a week is better than none or once. When you're busy, it gets hard.