Wednesday, February 10, 2010

With my eyes blindfolded

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This is my fourth month of membership at my current gym, an upscale place compared to my former gym. I enjoy my gym and the friendly people I’ve met there.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed watching people train there, and that’s the popular use of balance balls, bosu balls, and other instability platforms in tandem with using dumbbells or performing lunges, pushups and squats. It’s trendy and a popular recommendation of the personal trainers.

I have no problem or training preference of using instability fitness gizmos and, like most others, periodically include balance and coordination challenge elements to my training. Along with my martial arts training, here are some examples of how I’ve challenged my balance and coordination:

In all three of these examples, I could have made the exercises so much more difficult by merely closing my eyes when performing them.

Personally, I believe it’s possible to get too cute with our training by bundling too many training objectives into a single compound movement. I prefer to train balance and coordination, endurance, and strength separately because, most of the time, I have no special needs to call upon all these attributes at once. After all, I’m not a circus clown whose job it is to juggle heavy kettlebells while riding a 12-foot high unicycle in a circle with my eyes blindfolded.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


fishhead said...

Heehee on the circus clown comment.
I've been practicing "standing" on my knees on top of my big exercise ball. I thought that should be good for core training--right??
Last night I fell off and go boom :(
No injury though :)

Charles Long said...

I can give you unicycle lessons.