Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Neither am I

So I continue being seduced by the devil who wants me to join the “with it” crowd by entering smarphone-land.  

One is not in my game of life toolbox because I’m an old-fashioned middle-aged man. I own a flip-style Samsung Rugby III and am quite happy with it.

About 18 months ago when needing to purchase a replacement cell phone, I toyed with the idea of buying my first smartphone so I went shopping that day exploring my options.

While talking to a salesperson at a kiosk inside Costco, and asking him a rapid-fire series of tough consumer questions, I looked to my left and saw a mother pushing a shopping cart with her little daughter strapped inside the seat.

The little girl was yelling “Mommy, Mommy”, trying her best getting her mother’s attention but with no success.  Dear Mommy Mommy was busy on her smartphone taking care of immediate business, however important or urgent it may or may not have been.

Well that was the straw breaking my camel’s back so I purchased another flip-style phone.  That observation confirmed I didn’t have immediate and urgent needs in my life to check e-mail or surf the internet while shopping at Costco or anywhere else for that matter.

Soon again I’ll replace my simple flip phone.  I’m sure the devil will try his very best seducing me with tantalizing messages about how better my life would be if I just purchased the latest and greatest smartphone.         

Maybe I’ll be weak and purchase one; or maybe I’ll refrain again, like last time, realizing I don’t need to make my life both simpler and complex at the same time with all those fascinating smartphone apps.

I really don’t need to be surfing the internet while on the go.  Nor do I need to be checking for e-mail messages when out and about because most of the time they’re really not that important and, quite frankly, neither am I.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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