Monday, November 25, 2013

What awaits us thereafter

I'm well known for my repetitive saying "Every man who looks in a mirror sees a 16-year-old kid" and I'll continue doing so in jest.  

It drives my wife crazy.  She one day responded how I'm closer to age 85 than age 16.  My Dad was that age at the time.    

I clearly remember the first time she gave me this reality message.  Quickly, I pulled out my fingers’ Chinese abacus and did the math discovering she was correct.

Now, I've done this math again except comparing the distance of my current age to both ages 16 and 100 years and guess what?  

The years to both are the same but since I'll soon be age 59, I'm actually closer to the century mark than my adored 16-year-old kid point in life.

So my cyberspace middle-aged man message is we're all going to die and preparing for it is an absolute must because if we don't, I guarantee we'll experience an emotionally-agonizing death. 

I've witnessed it first hand during my father's hospice and have spent much time identifying my own thoughts and feelings about preparing for my death.    

My only concern about always chasing our fountains of youth is whether these pursuits are distractions in denial about our eventual dying.

They may be impediments to us spending quality time reflecting our end of life on planet earth and what awaits us thereafter.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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