Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Going up and down the ladder

My workouts of late have centered on using kettlebells and done at a neighborhood park.  

I’m having a good time, enjoying the summertime weather and getting challenged sans a formal gym training environment.

Last Sunday, however, I decided to get in a quick workout in my basement and I used my only pair of 35-lb. dumbbells.  I wanted a quick and whole-body workout that would give me a good “pant” when finished.

So I did a double dumbbell up and down the ladder complex.  What I did was ten rounds of a double dumbbell complex explained below:

Here’s a video demonstration:

This was the first time I tried this workout so allow me to share a few post-workout training words of wisdom:

  • Pick an appropriate dumbbell weight.  I only own a pair of 35-lb. dumbbells and this weight seemed about right for me.  I suggest selecting a weight that challenges you but allows you to start a new round every two minutes as I did in the video.
  • One way to measure your fitness conditioning improvement is by being able to start a new round in less time.  So for me, a goal might be to start a new round every 90 seconds rather than two minutes.  Don’t take such a drastic drop however but small decreases as you’re conditioning improvement allows.
Give my Pierini Double Dumbbell Up and Down The Ladder Complex a try for a great middle-aged man fitness challenge and have fun going up and down the ladder.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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