Friday, July 17, 2015

I am Mr. Big Stuff

It only seems natural that the author of a book titled “Every Man Who Looks in a Mirror . . . sees a 16-year old kid” would, from time to time, reflect back on all the pleasant yesteryear memories he has of that coveted age in his life.

Even if that was a whopping 44 years ago!

Well the other day I caught myself doing just that and the memories floating around in my head had a summertime flavor. 

What do I recall about being a 16-year old kid during the summer of July 1971?  Pretty simple stuff is my quick answer.
Pierini Fitness circa 1971.
School was out for summer recess; I had finished my 10th grade sophomore year in high school.  I was enjoying the warm summertime weather and school time-out before starting my 11th grade junior year beginning in early September. 

I had a summer intern job working as a clerk for the Internal Revenue Service making $1.65 an hour (yes really).  Life was great and I was living at the top of my simple and worry-free world.

I recall hot summer starry-nights, and hanging out with my friends playing late-at-night rough and  touch football games in the empty and bright-light parking lot of the neighborhood grocery store after it had closed for the day.

I was the proud owner of my first car, a bright red 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix with a white vinyl top. 

I recall listening to a lot of music on the radio and from the 8-track cartridge player mounted below the dashboard in my car.

Old-timer middle-aged men like me fondly recall these music playing dinosaurs that preceded the audio cassette players following a few years later.

My musical interests at this chapter of my life were more of the rhythm and blues (R&B) vintage.  Doing a little research reminded me that during July 1971, the most popular R&B song was “Mr. Big Stuff” sung by Jean Knight.

Life was great that summer of July 1971; I was a 16-year old kid making many pleasant memories of me going about my little simple and worry-free business.

If you would have asked me back then, “Who do you think you are?” my answer would have quickly been, “I am Mr. Big Stuff.”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking Ed ;) :)

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Billfish and thanks for your visit. Wishful thinking is wonderful; have a large serving of it this weekend and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Nice ride !

Pierini Fitness said...

Well that's an internet photo but mine looked just like it, maybe with a little more age. Drained my savings account to buy it for $475.

Ron_Ellis said...

Nicely put Ed...
An interesting sent of highlights that tune me in a bit more than ever before to the fitness guy that lives in you...

Thanks for being brave enough to share details that will inspire others to their own goals and more...

Pierini Fitness said...

Well thank you Ron for your, what I believe is your first-time comment here, compliments. In some way, whether we admit it or not, we all have a little case of Mr. Big Stuff syndrome in all of us. Nothing wrong with that so long as we have a daily dose of humble pie to keep it all balanced. Thanks again and enjoy your upcoming vacation.