Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday workout at the park

A little more blogflection frequency here at Pierini Fitness is going hand in hand with an uptick in my training and two upticks are better than one or none.  

I got another good workout in yesterday after taking two days of rest from my Sunday basement workout.  My wheels are still slightly sore from Sunday’s squat work so I decided to give them more rest.

This time I returned outdoors and visited a different park for a quick circuit workout taking slightly over 20 minutes to complete.

I have no video to share for this workout so allow me, instead, to share the workout details for your middle-aged man viewing pleasure.  Maybe it’ll be a new workout idea for your next training day if you’re looking for something different or new. 

I completed 8 rounds of this combo:

#1 = standard-grip pull-ups x 4 reps for odd-numbered rounds and standard grip chin-ups x 4 reps on even-numbered rounds – all reps were full-range -


#2 = single-arm kettlebell overhead press x 8 reps - right side on odd-numbered rounds and left side on even-numbered rounds using a 20 kg kettlebell -


#3 = alternating single-arm kettlebell swing x 25 reps - each one-arm swing is one rep – I started with my right arm on odd-numbered rounds and with my left arm on even-numbered rounds -

I started a new round every 3 minutes and my time today to complete all 8 rounds was 23:10.

For the heart rate (HR) statisticians out there, the following is courtesy of my HR monitor with all percentage being those of my maximum HR of 185 beats per minute:

Starting HR = 91 bpm (49%) – Average HR = 154 bpm (83%) – Peak HR = 173 bpm (94%)

Furthermore, according to my HR monitor, I burned 464 calories during this quick workout.

I hope you enjoyed reading the details of my latest summer 2015 Wednesday workout at the park.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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