Wednesday, July 1, 2015

You're fired!

Middle-aged man Donald Trump - you're fired!
As I've said time and time again, I'm the ambassador of middle-aged men around the world, advocating their interests and expressing their views of the way life was, the way life is and the way life should be.

A recent incident, however, has resulted in me adding another responsibility to my growing list of ambassador duties and that is to be the chief justice for a high court of sorts where middle-aged men can be prosecuted and tried for their reprehensible acts.

Recently, this middle-aged man court was in session for the first time and the accused was non other than middle-aged man Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

You see, and as you may know, middle-aged man Trump recently put his foot in his mouth while announcing he is a candidate for President.  I'm sure many of you listened to what he had to say as reported by countless sources.  

Well this middle-aged man has Mexican ancestry running through his blood and in the world in which he lives, and from his first-hand extended travels to Mexico, understands things differently than middle-aged man Trump who gets his information from second-hand sources.

Sure there might be a few bad apples in the Mexican cart, but the people of Mexican ancestry this middle-aged man knows are are God-loving, hard-working and family-oriented people more likely to love you  exactly as who you are rather than to hate you for some stereotypical character others might typecast you to be.

Middle-aged man Mr. Trump, did you enjoy that apple you ate today?  If so, thank a Mexican because, more likely than not, he or she picked it for you!

Middle-aged man Mr. Trump, you've been charged with being a bigot and engaging in behavior unbecoming of a middle-aged man trying his very best to live a good and honest life.

Middle-aged man Mr. Trump, this chief justice of middle-aged man court finds you guilty as charged and your sentence is that you may not longer identify yourself as a middle-aged man because you're fired!

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum 


Anonymous said...

Middle age Mexicans are great people.

Pierini Fitness said...

¡Sí Señor!

Anonymous said...

Right on! This is one of your better posts, telling it like it is about "The Donald".

Pierini Fitness said...

If there is anything good he did in putting his foot in his mouth, it was to help us see the bigot that resides in all of us and inspire us to strive to be someone better than who we are. So in that regard, I give him a muchas gracias.

Anonymous said...

Sorry P - you're wrong with regards to the Donald. We've got people crossing the border illegally, using US services illegally, etc.

The sheer level of damage done to ranches, farms and homes along the border on a daily basis was documented by none other than CBS' Sunday Morning Show several years, accounting for the constant break-ins with the illegals searching for food, jewelry, money and clothing. US ranchers are going broke watching this happen. Hospitals are going bankrupt along the border with the flood of illegals. Friends who work in the area have had at least one car stolen every few years.

You may not like Trump, but, his message is on the spot.

And the fact is, this isn't just Mexicans crossing. Facts show Hamas and other terrorists groups are using the Iron Highway secured by the cartel to find their way into the US.

Pierini Fitness said...

Let me use the previous comment to make something clear that wasn't clear in my blogflection - I do not condone illegal immigration and illegal immigrants are breaking the law and are therefore criminals but they are not all rapists and drug dealers and the illegal immigrants in America are not just Mexicans.

Trump's message may have its truthful elements but his delivery shows his bigotry and those of his audience that cheer loud when he speaks his message delivered in modern-day Hitler-style.

I stand by my message just like he stands by his.

Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

The man's rhetoric may not sit well with many, but, his message is on target and he's repeatedly confirmed not all are rapists and drug dealers. And what bigotry? The fact he's pointing out something factual does not make the man a bigot. Sorry, but, that is a little too PC. The Pope has said some generic yet slanderous things about "Capitalists"...does that make him a "bigot"?

And no one -- including Trump -- said all illegals are Mexicans. Like her or not, Ann Coulter's new book captures many of the Federal statistics on this.

It is hard to argue with his statement: we're not getting the "best" from Mexico...there's a reason why Federal statistics on crime and prisons show a huge increase -- both in volume and percentage -- of illegals involved in a variety of crime.

I agree it is isn't just Mexican illegals...the Russian/Eastern Europe crime syndicates of the east coast and Asian crime lords are also making their presence known.

But by far, the biggest influx and damage to the sanctity of the US is via our southern borders.

Pierini Fitness said...

Thank you for another comment Parker. I'm pleased that you've taken the time to share your thoughts about what I wrote.

I have no reply to your comment because I'm not one to engage in political debate; that's not my specialty or interest here at Pierini Fitness but rather to share my middle-aged man reflections about living and drying, gracefully aging and trying to live a good and honest life. Everything I wrote in my blogflection remains as my current thought about what Mr. Trump said in the video clip embedded.

So I'll stick to what I do best. I generally try to avoid sharing my thoughts here about this stuff but every once in a while someone ignites by fire and I must cyber-speak.

My sanction remains; I've dethroned Mr. Trump here at Pierini Fitness as a card-carrying middle-aged man and while that doesn't mean anything to him or anyone else, it means the world to me.

Hope you're doing well Parker; have a nice day.

Pierini Fitness middle-aged man court has adjourned for the day.