Monday, August 3, 2015

You can call me grandpa

All chief executive bloggers need an occasional time out and this middle-aged man is no exception.  

Spending time in Phoenix visiting my first grandson and celebrating his first birthday was a breath of fresh air as was getting to see for the very first time my second grandson who was born on July 8th.

Grandpa Pierini Fitness bonding with JJP - grandson #2 born on July 8th

I’m a blessed man with two grandsons under my belt and hopefully more to come in the years ahead.  Oh, by the way, some granddaughters would be nice too.

So not a whole lot of fitness training while I was away but definitely some active rest as grandson number 1 spent 4 days with grandma and grandpa at our hotel that had an awesome swimming pool.  We had a good time in the pool every day.  I’m wondering if little Pierini Fitness IV is a Johnny Weismuller in training given his early-onset proclivity for being in the swimming pool and lung power.

I also spent time getting back up to speed with children nursery rhymes; remember this one? 

But I did manage to get one day of fitness training in using the hotel fitness center.  Believe it or not, they actually had a small kettlebell collection so I put together a three exercise complex using a 16 kilogram kettlebell, the heaviest one available, and a treadmill.

I completed 12 rounds of the following: 

#1 = one-hand snatch right side x 10 reps and then left side x 10 reps, and then 

#2 = one-hand swing right side x 10 reps and then left side x 10 reps, and finally 

#3 = walking on treadmill at 1 percent incline and 4.0 miles per hour for 3 minutes. 

After the 12th round, I walked another 3 minutes at the same speed to get a total 60 minute workout.

I have no heart rate monitor stats or a video to share for this workout which was done at a more comfortable pace than some of the recent kettlebell workouts I’ve done.  Every workout doesn’t need to be “pedal to the metal” for fitness benefit.

Pierini Fitness is back in the fitness saddle with big plans for August so check back often for more details and please cheer me on.

And if you’re tired of calling me Pierini Fitness and prefer instead, you can call me grandpa.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Grandpa. My best wishes to you and yours. May fortune smile upon you all for a long, long time to come.

Kevin (BLS)

Pierini Fitness said...

Well thank you Sir; hopefully one day you'll get your turn.