Monday, March 4, 2019

Intuitive fitness training thought for today

At this middle-aged man chapter in my life, Pierini Fitness continues his fitness training following what is best described as intuitive-design fitness training.  Read more about his fitness training approach here:  Intuitive-design fitness training

My intuitive fitness training approach focuses on strength endurance and cardiovascular conditioning, rather than hypertrophy with a body appearance in mind. At age 64, this works for me and may for you. 

What I've learned is that by chasing athleticism, my body appearance will improve by tagging along for the ride. Kettlebells are my primary training implement and I don't belong to a gym although I generally have in years' past.

So, by intuitive training, I take each day not exactly knowing what I'll do other than whatever it is, it'll be done with intensity and challenge. I do have certain ideas in mind that are part of my fitness training curriculum. And, I know that I'll need to cover the whole gamut of my body over a training week or two. Intuitively, if I've blasted my shoulder and back muscles one day and have lingering delayed-onset muscle soreness the next training day, I'll work my lower body muscles.

This works for me at this chapter in my life. I ain't going to win the arms contest in a muscle flexing line-up but more than likely I'll beat most middle-aged men in a race up a skyscraper flight of stairs while carrying a couple bags of groceries.

To each their own, it's all good; we just got to show up and do it.

And this rambling, my fellow middle-aged man fitness brother from a different mother, is my intuitive fitness training thought for today.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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