Tuesday, March 12, 2019

That you fill with food

During the last six months in my journey to chisel off excessive middle-aged man bodyweight, I did what I’ve done in the past when having a similar task but was open to what others had to say.  Obviously, there’s only one way to lose weight and this is by having a constant calorie deficit; eating less calories than calories burned.  By the way, I have “arrived” at my target bodyweight and it feels great to be back at my “fighting weight.” 

Nonetheless, there are some who advocate that there’s more to it than having a calorie deficit.  Some will suggest that meal frequency and timing is important.  For example, eating small meals several times a day as opposed to eating three square meals like we did growing up. 

A meal timing approach I currently use is intermittent fasting where I only eat during a narrow feeding window in a 24-hour day and refrain from eating the rest of the day.  I do this because it’s convenient and efficient.  Currently, I’m practicing a more challenging version of intermittent fasting called One Meal A Day or OMAD for short.  I’ll have more to share about my OMAD experiences in future Pierini Fitness blogflections.

So, what do I think having followed various meal timing protocols in the past?  Does meal timing matter?  If it does, what is the “perfect meal timing protocol to follow?

My opinion only is that meal timing doesn’t matter.  But this may not be the answer you hoped for so let me give you a good meal timing rule to follow in your middle-aged man fitness, health and wellness journey.

Eat only when you’re hungry and know the difference between real hunger rather than an excessive desire to eat out of boredom, habit or an emptiness in your life that you will with food.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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