Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The day we went our separate way

The exact day escapes me but I'm guessing it was almost two years ago. Who would have thought we wouldn't spend our entire life together because we had been together for so long. I remember the first glance so ever long ago, knowing that it was love at first sight; we spent countless hours together - morning, day and night.

As our relationship grew, I remember the time we spent together increased to the point that it started to be more important than the other things I could and should be doing with my time. As is often the case in all relationships, however, there came a point when I took things for granted. I became complacent, and soon found that I wasn't excited in the relationship as before.

I became less and less aroused in the company of my partner and even had episodes of performance anxiety when I found it increasing difficult to do it. Intimacy started to fade and before long I became interested, again, in going to places I hadn't been in a while and doing things with different people. This continued for a while until it was time for me to get honest - to break the news that our relationship was over. We could still remain friends and cherish the good times spent together, but that inseparable relationship bonded by a deep love for each other was now a thing of our past.

As is the case in all broken relationships, there was initial hurt and a sense of loneliness especially at night. Holidays and special occasions were also tough because of all the pleasant memories of the time we spent together. But by reaching out to others, and responding to the invitations to go here and do this and that, new healthy activities and relationships started to be a part of my life. Once again, life now had meaning, purpose and zeal. It was like being in love all over again.

Every now and then I look back and remember the family television that I gave away, and the day we (my television and I) went our separate way.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


isorez said...

Sorry to hear that you went through a divorce. It sounded from past posts on other forums that you had different interests. While the marriage fades, hopefully the relationship stays strong and grows in different areas and the kids and grandkids stay as a comfort unit and get togethers aren't strained.
Glad I called you out of the blue on Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, you should have my number. Call whenever you want to talk.

pierini said...

Thanks for stopping by Chris. That "marriage" to the television was a rough one, but ending it allowed more time for my wife and I to do things together. We will celebrate 31 years of marriage next month.

pierini said...

I just edited the last sentence of this blogflection to avoid any misunderstanding it might cause. Apparently I wasn't as clever as I thought.

Anonymous said...

Just got your voicemail.
Nice......cryptic decoding wasn't my major back in school.
Well....replace my comments about kids, and substitute 'DVDplayer'...for grandkids....substitue the word "DVD's"...for ocmfort unit....use the word 'nicely broken in easy chair'

Anonymous said...

It has been three years for me. Some things to watch out for is that it is not replaced by virtual family forums and websites.

I have nothing to brag about . . . I just started a real website the other day.

Luckily, I know nothing about FTPs, DNSs, phps, etc.


Franklin said...

Congratulations .. indeed a separation of highest order!

At least twenty five years ago I read the book "The Plug In Drug" about the devastating effect of hours of daily watching has. This confirmed what was obvious to me even long before then.

I don't watch any TV but do rent a DVD and go to a movie once in awhile. Lift is so full of interesting things to experience, the last thing I want to do is to sit in front of boob tube.

Charles Long said...

I don't watch TV either. I do watch a movie on DVD once in awhile or watch fitness videos but I haven't seen any commercial TV for years other than a few minutes here or there at someone else's house.

pierini said...

Thanks to all for your visit and comments. I have plenty of company with my middle-age man brothers who have "divorced" their TV sets.