Monday, January 5, 2009

No burpees today no food tomorrow

After much deliberation, or maybe it’s hesitation and procrastination, I’ve made a business decision that it’s time to include a regular dose of burpees in my training. Starting today and until my birthday next month, every Monday through Friday I’ll perform a single set of 54 burpees at the end of my workout. Where does the number 54 come from? That’s how old I’ll be on my next birthday.

Here’s a short video demonstration I found on Youtube of the burpees I'll perform most of the time; I'll perform some other variations on some days that do not have a jump to give my knees a rest:

Wish me luck and hold me accountable but rest assured that I’ll live up to this task. How do I know? Because I’ve given myself some punitive motivation - no burpees today no food tomorrow.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

Good luck on those 54 burpees. That's a workout in itself, let alone doing at the end of your regular workout. You're going to dragging but go for it. You can do it!

pierini said...

It's going to be tough Charles, but food is an amazing motivator.

Funny the little mental tricks we play to get us moving forward.

Have a great week!

Franklin said...

Great decision to add the met-con back into your Oly sessions. Although not at your daily frequency I have also added some met-con work back in mine as well.

JDR3 said...

so 54 burpees with a muscle-up,very nice.

pierini said...

Hello Franklin & JDR3 - thanks for stopping by and sorry I wasn't home in cyberspace when you did but I was at the gym doing day #1 of my burpee assignment.

Let's just say I am rusty and I actually thought about not eating tomorrow, thinking that might be easier. I started off good for the first 20 and then the truth revealed itself. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach when I gave myself this assignment, but I'm going to stick to it as promised.

No JDR3, no muscle ups, actually my muscles were drooping during the 2nd half of today's effort. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.