Saturday, January 3, 2009

Middle-age man in motion

On New Year's Eve morning at Starbuck's Coffee, I asked the worker who was taking my order if she was a track athlete in high school. I'm guessing she is between 55 and 60 years of age. She said yes that she ran track in high school, and was curious why I asked. The reason was I noticed her initial take off speed was athletic-like and fast as she moved from the cash register to other areas behind the counter when filling customer orders.

Driving to work, I thought about what people see when watching me in motion. Do I move like an athlete with explosive take off speed and a brisk pace when walking or taking a flight of stairs; or do I move like a lethargic middle-age man strolling at a snail's pace with hands in my pocket whistling Dixie?

Do I have a strong lower back arch, chest expanded, upper body uprightness, and a ready and strong rooted stance capable of lifting a heavy load; or do I have a forward lean accompanied by a frail look of ready to collapse if a heavy load was placed in my carrying arms?

What's my truth when in motion has been my question since that morning observation.

As middle-age men, it's easy for us to lack rigorous honesty in assessments of our physical self. I wrote about this deceptive predisposition in one of my past blogflections here:

Every man who looks in the mirror sees a 16 year old kid

What about you? Join me as I think about what people see when looking at this middle-age man in motion.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


kgarcia88 said...

I have a feeling this was directed at me...KG

pierini said...

Hi Kurt and thanks for stopping by.

Actually it wasn't, but if you want to lead this parade then you can move to the front. Stand tall today young man and have a great week!