Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Thursday's training

For many years I maintained a cyberspace online training journal but now I don't. I still keep a bricks & mortar training journal using a notepad as I have for many years. Lacking creativity to write another clever and original blogflection, I've chosen instead to share my last Thursday's training. Here is what I did:

Early morning in my basement at 6:40 a.m.
I've been doing this 9-minute drill every Monday through Friday morning for the past 4 weeks. It's a quick way to wake up my body.

(1) shoulder dislocate/overhead squat combo with a light pole x 54 reps

(2) 4-count cherry pickers x 54 reps

(3) standard grip pullup hang hold x 0:54

Here’s a prior blogflection where I demonstrate the shoulder dislocate/overhead squat combo: My shoulders feel great

Late afternoon workout at my gym beginning at 4:10 p.m.
(1) flexibility and warmup drills for about 10 minutes

(2) snatch warmup drills – all weights are lbs. – 45x5 of snatch pulls, snatch high pulls, overhead squats, snatch balance and then squat snatch 65x3 for 3 sets.

(3) squat snatch singles progression: 95-115-135FAIL-135-145-155FAIL-155FAIL-135-135-135FAIL and then 115x3 for 3 sets.

(4) clean pulls – 135x3 – 185x3 – 205x3 for 3 sets

(5) squats – 135x3 – 155x3 – 175x3 – 195x3 for 3 sets

(6) standard burpees x 54 reps completed in 5:45.

Here’s a video of my 145 lb. squat snatch. I had one of those bad form days.

It was nothing spectacular but just another middle-age man training day; that's what I did during last Thursday’s training.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Franklin said...

Your 145 squat snatch video looked very solid to me .. nice deep squat and a very strong pull. Now that I've trained diligently for over four months now, I really appreciate how much of a focused hard training effort it takes to perform at your level.

Please continue to train hard, smart and safe.

pierini said...

Hi Franklin and thanks for the compliment.

I am still not driving with my legs during the first pull, instead using too much back. And I had arm bend during the pull which takes the power out of my pull - as they say, when the arms bend the power ends.

I am noticing getting under the bar faster and that I am pleased with.

I'm looking forward to your first meet and will be privately cheering for you in cyberspace on meet day.