Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm sure they will card me

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Later this month I’ll blossom into a 55-year young middle-age man and am looking forward to it. Why? - Because several businesses offer senior discounts to those age 55 years or older. I’ve got some financial savings in my future. Here’s a sampling of what I discovered:

Arby's – the fast food place - offers a 10 percent discount at participating locations. I’ve hardly frequented this place in my entire life so why start now.

Banana Republic – the clothing store - offers a 10 percent discount everyday (for those age 50 years and older) but warns that discount and age may vary by location. Sounds like a fake senior discount offer to me. I think the last time I bought something from this place was when Bill Clinton was President. I’ll pass on this one.

Best Western – the motel chain – offers at least a 10 percent discount off regular room rates with late checkouts and other offers are also available. Yawn!

Chili's – the restaurant chain – offers at 10 percent discount at participating locations. I’ve eaten at Chili’s a time or two in my life and remember having a good plate of barbeque baby back ribs there. This one is a real possibility to cash in on my impending senior fortune.

Goodwill – the thrift store chain – offers a 10 percent discount one day a week but warns that specifics may vary by location. Since my wife is a manic thrift store shopper, this one offers me a real financial windfall and an opportunity to update my business attire. Count me in!

International House of Pancakes - the restaurant chain – offers a 10 percent discount at participating locations. I’m a pancake and waffle junkie like Homer Simpson is for doughnuts so it’s fair to say that my next pancake binge will be here. I’ll wear my faded baggy green sweat pants with the loose draw string for added comfort.

Kmart – the retail chain – has a Gold K prescription discount program offering a 20 percent discount on prescription medication (for those age 50 years and older). Thank God that I’m prescription drug free at this point of my life but maybe I can make some money buying a Viagra refill for my friends.

Ross – the clothing store – offers a 10 percent discount on Tuesday at participating locations. This financial bonanza is probably my wife’s favorite one. We’ll probably do this one as a date. I’ll update my boxer shorts underwear collection there and “cash in” the first Tuesday that I’m eligible.

Wendy’s – the fast food place - offers a 10 percent discount at participating locations. My wife likes the chili beans on their bargain menu so maybe we’ll do a chili bean date there for our anniversary and drive home with the windows open for safety.

For this middle-age man who sees a 16-year old kid when looking in the mirror, I’ll bring my ID because I’m sure they will card me.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


fishhead said...

Yay for the discounts. Getting older is good for something-haha. Last week I received an AARP card in the mail. I'm not quite 45 yet!!! Talk about a blow to the ego. Word from my 10 yr old fashionista: thrift store shopping ia a no-no. You really shouldn't wear something that someone else got rid of.

Have a great weekend :)

Charles Long said...

I've been getting AARP invitations in the mail for 10+ years. Maybe If I actually applied and provided my birthdate, they would scratch me off the list and quit sending that stuff to me. I'm not that old--YET.