Thursday, April 1, 2010

The path north is a long journey

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My abbreviated fitness training’s venue continues at a different location this week again at my Dad’s house where I am going each day after work to lend him a helping hand. He was in an auto accident on Saturday and definitely on the mend with a very bruised and sore sternum.

Tuesday’s workout was brief like Monday and again took place in his garage using his squat rack and Olympic bar and plates. Still on the mend myself in the shoulder department, I decided to do barbell overhead press work from the squat rack using light weight. I completed eight sets of overhead presses with the following weights (in lbs.) and reps: 45x5 – 45x5 – 45x5 - 65x5 – 75x5 – 85x 5 – 95x3 – 95x3.

These lightened loads are a far cry from the 145 lbs. I’ve done in the past for a single rep but I was able to complete this quick workout without any shoulder discomfort. This quick “something is better than nothing” workout made me feel good but also made me realize that the path north is a long journey.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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