Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Important information to know

In a continuing mission of taking responsibility for and managing his middle-aged man health and wellness, this middle-aged man has been reading a lot including leading causes of death in his age group.  

It’s not that I’m necessarily planning ahead, but it’s nice to know the cause of death for middle-age men in my decade of life - age 55 to 64 - based on statistical information available.

What I've learned is the top ten leading causes of death in my age-decade are as follows:

Cause of death

Coronary heart disease

Lung cancers

Liver disease

Lung disease

Diabetes Mellitus



Liver cancer

Colon-rectum cancers


Yikes!  Did you notice number 10?  Is the burden of being a middle-age man driving us to an edge of a cliff with some choosing to jump?

Seriously though, the above list gives this middle-aged man some perspective as he plans and lives his remaining life being aware of the causes that may lead him to his eventual meeting with the Grim Reaper.  

It's nice to know these leading causes of death and perhaps they might influence lifestyle choices I make that may affect the rest of my life.      

Here’s a website link if you’re interested in other age groups:

In managing his health and wellness, this middle-age man believes this is important information to know.

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