Monday, November 30, 2015

Six months ago tomorrow

Winter is approaching so the outdoor fitness workouts I’ve done recently may come to an end.  With inclement weather and outdoor temperatures not so comfortable for the next couple months, this middle-aged man will soon return to indoor fitness training.

In years past, just about all my fitness workouts were indoors because I was a card-carrying member of a gym.  That affiliation ended earlier this year when I decided to go about my fitness training shall we say “unattached”. 

Since then I’ve done most of my fitness training at several favorite neighborhood parks doing bodyweight-only exercises but also using a pair of dumbbells or the two kettlebells I own. 

It’s not that I’m trying to call attention to myself by showing off in public with my fitness training but merely facing my reality that I’m someone who does better going somewhere to do it.  But I’ve also managed getting in several quality fitness workouts at home. 

In any event, I’m proud of the fitness training discipline I’ve cultivated over the years which has been tested more this year since cancelling my gym membership.

You know, I actually thought I would miss my gym because of the camaraderie I developed there over more than a dozen years.  The regular small talk with a small group of fitness compadres and comadres I got to know over many years was something I looked forward to each time there.  I hope they’re all doing well in their continuing fitness journeys and suspect they are.

So like them, this winter and beyond, I’ll keep at it doing my own fitness thing, trying to win my gracefully aging war against a lethargic enemy residing deeply within my body, doing everything possible to keep “him” in check.

Be it in my basement, or in my garage, perhaps on the back porch, and maybe some times at my neighborhood parks when winter weather permits, I’ll continue doing what I do - the short-duration and high-intensity fitness workout stuff – all by my lonely self, while thinking about my former gym that I left six months ago tomorrow.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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