Monday, December 28, 2015

Will last forever

Friday of this week will be the first day of a new calendar year so it’s only natural for this middle-aged man, and perhaps you, to give serious thought to your dreams and resolutions for the New Year 2016.

It’s that ritualistic annual opportunity coming at the end of a year to dream and ponder about the life we’d like to have that may be much different than the life we now have.

Some of these dreams may be emotionally complex and incapable of being shared with others because they’re not sufficiently clear in our mind to be expressed with words.  Other dreams, in contrast, may be easily explainable and be great examples of dreaming at its finest.  Like winning the lottery, or finding and reconnecting with a lost friend or relative.

I recently read about how one person who has lived a long life shared how in their younger years they wanted to get in a car and go and drive all over the country.  Stop in little towns, get little jobs, live in a little room, live a simple life but learn big while making so many friends.

That was a fun read and it allowed me to experience a momentary dream-like state of being while I visualized and imagined what it would be like living this person’s youthful dream. 

But in a classic moment of both “wherever I go there I am” and being grateful for my many blessings, I was able to clearly define what my best dream is for the coming year. 

And what might that be?

One where I dream the dream I’m living at this very moment will last forever.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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