Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book on my head

This middle-aged man has many occupational hazards this time of the year being so busy with work.  One hazard is having little time to exercise and the other is sitting for a living.

I’ve found a solution for the little time to exercise hazard and recently shared a video demonstration of my “punch for lunch” solution.  I have other quick workouts I’m doing lasting 20 minutes or less that can be done at work allowing me to manage this risk.

This sitting I do for a living hazard requires special effort to manage.  Certainly, the exercise helps but I do need to find time to do some hanging.  I’m not talking about the hanging with a noose around my neck but hanging by gripping a pullup bar, for example, and allowing bodyweight-amplified gravity to give my spine a nice align.

The other thing that would be good to do is practicing good posture while seated and standing.  There’s something about working on a desktop computer all day while sitting that seems to cultivate a “vulture on a power line” posture.  Imagine a Dilbert character dressed in a Hunchback of Notre Dame Halloween costume.

One clever and challenging reality check of how upright and preferred is my posture is something I’ll try to do a couple times a day while at work.  What is this reality check?

It’s walking a straight line with a book on my head.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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