Monday, February 27, 2017

Rocking chair workouts

The latest news about high-intensity exercise workouts is that they may come at a price in a man’s sexual performance department.

A news article posted on the Time magazine’s internet website last Friday reported that men who strenuously exercise on a regular basis have a significantly decreased libido than those who engage in lower-intensity exercise. 

A research paper called “Endurance Exercise Training and Male Sexual Libido” was recently published in the Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

An abstract I read about it had this conclusion:

“Exposure to higher levels of chronic intense and greater durations of endurance training on a regular basis are significantly associated with a decreased libido scores in men. Clinicians who treat male patients for sexual disorders and, or council couples on infertility issues should consider the degree of endurance exercise training a man is performing as a potential complicating factor.

Based on this conclusion, it's now possible that super-fit middle-aged men visiting their ED doctors for another prescription refill of their “favorite little blue pill” may be told no more prescriptions.

Instead, they may now be given a different prescription, that of friendly advice to scale back their exercise intensity and, instead, now do rocking chair workouts.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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