Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go away or here to stay?

Gray, gray go away and come on back another day.

My daily early morning meetings with the bathroom mirror are revealing new gray hairs and moustache whiskers, constant reminders from Father Nature that I’m a middle-age man in full blossom and an old man in training. What should this middle-age man do?

Unlike the middle-age men of yesteryear, many from my generation have borrowed a solution that middle-age women have been using for years – coloring or highlighting their gray wisdom streaks. To be or not to be is my dilemma and question – a gray haired middle-age man that is.

Exploring my options, I visited a website that sells hair products for graying men that want to do something about it, or stay in the game as the website states. Maybe that’s what I want to do – stay in the game. I learned they have two solutions for me: one gets rid of all my gray hair in 5 minutes and the other allows me to keep a little gray with something gradual. I can buy either product online and the good news is that the first order is completely free.

There’s no mention if they ship the product in a plain brown box with no clue that it’s a hair coloring product for a gray middle-age man who desires a little privacy. As an alternative to buying it online, I could go to a distant city wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and buy it at a store, paying with cash so as to not leave any evidence. Middle-age men like privacy.

After much deliberation in solitude, this middle-age man has chosen to keep his gray hair and whiskers instead of joining the ranks of juicers, my middle-age men brothers who have chosen to juice their hair with an infinite selection of colors under the rainbow. I’ve decided there’s more than one way to stay in the game.

That’s my decision today but tomorrow may be different. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I can choose to admire my gray hair and whiskers or be in agony about them while I ask myself - go away or here to stay?

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Franklin said...

Great decision .. I too have chosen to go natural. I currently sport a well groomed, very short and very gray beard and mustache.

Anonymous said...

Gray Hairs Unite!!!

Ha, ha!

Why do men with gray hair look "distinguished", but women with gray hair just look old?
I too am of the gray hair variety and just 44 yrs old (today). My gray is part of the legacy of my dad, r.i.p.

Who wants all those chemicals soaking into their heads anyway?
You've made a wise decision.

Have a great day :)

pierini said...

Hi Franklin,

You are a real middle-age man. Flaunt your gray.

Hi Donna, happy birthday and my best wishes for your good faith, fitness, fortune and health during the 44th year of your life. Unfortunately, you'llhave to wait another year to officially enter middle-age womanhood in my book. I define middle-age as over age 45 but under age 70. You are still a young woman.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, one more year to be young-woohoo!! Thank you for the well wishes.


Jasahn said...

Does the hair dye come with a new sports car?

Charles Long said...

At 48, my eyebrows are white, my hair is a mixture of brown and gray, my mustache and beard have a mixture of brown, red, blond, and gray in them. I have no intentions of doing anything other than letting nature take its course.

pierini said...

Hi Jasahn,

I'm not sure about the new sports car but I've known more than one middle-age man who copes with middle-age manhood by buying a Harley Davidson.

Charles, you're a REAL middle-age man. Flaunt your colors.

Thanks for the visit fellas.