Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How bad do I want it?

I’ve known my fair share of Monday morning quarterbacks and back-seat drivers. You probably know them too. They tell you what you or someone else should have, could have or would have done in this situation or that.

A close cousin of this person is one who outlines challenging fitness goals while sitting on their butt in the comfort of their home, safely removed from the gym where that training effort takes place. I’ve been one of those close cousins at various times; setting fitness goals and training plans that look great on paper but difficult to achieve or sustain. There’s nothing wrong with shooting for the stars but showing up and doing the work is another thing.

When I want to know whether I’ll put forth the effort to achieve my ambitious fitness goals and training plans, all that I need is a moment of rigorous honesty while looking at myself in the mirror and asking myself, “how bad do I want it?”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Franklin said...

Fantastic squat snatch catch photo!

Keep working on those and you can kiss your cousins goodbye!

pierini said...

Hi Franklin,

Thanks for the compliment and for checking in on me that I'm still breathing.

Have a great day!