Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hitting a rock bottom

Listening to middle-age fat people ramble about their challenges of trying to lose weight reminds me that there is nothing new under the sun. Rambling about this today is what they rambled about yesterday and, more likely than not, what they will ramble about tomorrow as they continue being fat.

Show me a fat person asking for advice who says they don’t eat a lot of food, or that they eat healthy, but still can’t lose weight and I’ll show you a fat person telling a lie, 99.9 percent of the time. For many, no advice sometimes serves a better purpose so, left unaided, they can hit a rock bottom that will give them the resolve to do something entirely different besides talking about being fat.

By rock bottom, I mean getting so fat and obese that body sweat accumulates in puddles on the fat folds distributed all over their body, or they are so out of breath and have such an elevated heart rate after climbing a flight of stairs that they become scared to death. The rock bottom of being publicly embarrassed, like overhearing a couple of young teenagers whispering about that fat person waddling down the street, or bending over and ripping the seat of their pants or busting a zipper.

I've heard and read more than one testimonial from former fat people, who are now physically fit, healthy and sporting lean athletic looks, who had rock bottom experiences that motivated them to change their ways forever. Like the fat man who took his son to an amusement park to ride the roller coaster but couldn’t because the attendant was unable to lock the safety bar due to his gut and lap girth. He was publicly embarrassed and humiliated in the presence of his son and that was his rock bottom.

So maybe the best I can offer someone asking for advice are compassionate and kind prayers and thoughts that they hit a safe rock bottom sooner rather than later, because once they do, they’ll look up to the heavens and cry to God that they are sick and tired of being fat and, in that rock bottom moment of truth, gain the motivation and passion to conquer a weak mind and make real changes in their relationship with food rather than just talk about it.

Excerpting something I read on another fitness blog, what a fat person needs to do is look in the mirror and say if they are fat it’s their own damn fault! That moment of truthful clarity may very well be hitting a rock bottom.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Charles Long said...

Very good post.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, some people never hit "rock bottom" until they're dead. My brother is one of those people. I thought a couple of years ago when they told him that he was borderline diabetic and sent him to a dietician for food class, that he might change his ways. But, he has not. His wife told me a few weeks ago that his blood sugar had been up and he told her that he guessed he needed to go to the doctor and be put on medication. He really could fix it if he would lose 100 lbs. I watch shows on tv where people weigh 500+lbs. I just don't see how they can let themselves get that big. I'm sure it's overwhelming to be 100+lbs overweight, but it can be done.

Was that Wildman's blog? I like his attitude: if you're fat and weak, it's your own damn fault!

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

That kind of sounded like my brother died.
He has not. But, I'd say that he's well on his way to an early grave :(


Charles Long said...

Donna, I like the Wildman and his straightforward attitude. He doesn't beat around the bush and he isn't afraid of offending people.

pierini said...

Hello Charles and Donna and thanks for stopping by for a visit. I'm just now coming up for air at work and wanted to comment that what I wrote is definitely harsh and hard to swallow for some.

Find comfort in knowing I wrote this as a warning to myself of what I would tell myself when looking in the mirror if I ever got fat. I promise!

Justin_PS said...

Good Post, Pierini!

I don't know if you're wrong by calling them liars about what the obese eat. That may well be the case many times. One thing that I've noticed so many times is that so many people just don't think about what they eat before the eat it. They don't ask themselves, "is this good for me?" before they eat it.

Many times, when people ask me for help, I point out to them that they're about to eat something bad for them. Once they take a second to think it over, then they realize.

Many times, I think that it's a matter of changing their habits and the way they think about food.

Take care and here's to you surviving another tax year!


pierini said...

Thanks for the visit, compliment and well wishes Justin.

For some, in-your-face advice works best and I wrote this blogflection with that in mind.

Have a great day and let's continue to periodically get in peoples' faces to help them move forward in their journey of fitness and health.

Have a great day!