Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shooting blanks

Tired from an accumulated sleep deficit, the normal flowing stream of thoughts to keyboard that are always present during my daily blogflection writing efforts were nowhere to be found this morning, like a drought on a hot summer day. It happens every now and then in the circadian rhythms of life when I miss the lift, bowl a gutter, strike out at the plate, drive the golf ball into the sand trap, trip and fall, or whatever imagery you envision of someone failing to perform and coming up short.

So that’s all I have to say in today’s blogflection because my normally cocked and loaded cyberspace weapon of middle-age man reflective thoughts is shooting blanks.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Justin_PS said...

Ouch, April can't come fast enough, can it?

Suggestion: Draft a bunch of blogs ahead of time. Sometimes, if my mind is firing on all cylinders, I'll have 8 drafts ready to go. It serves me well in times of writer's block or extreme work load.

Keep plugging along,

pierini said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for stopping by and the idea. I've actually had an inventory a time or two so I know what you mean, but the middle-age men cyberspace community expects my stuff to be fresh, just like we do with the fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store, so let's keep our secret inventories to ourselves.

Having said that, however, shooting blanks with the cyberspace pen and our fitness training are realities of life.

Have a great day my cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother!

Charles Long said...

Maybe you should do a blog on how to do taxes in 500 words or less. I doubt that is within the realm of possibility but if anyone could do it, you could.