Friday, January 15, 2010

My mental weakness hiccup

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Last year I wrote - more than once - about my intermittent fasting (IF) experiences, a lifestyle I began during Lent 2009 and continued for most of the year thereafter because I enjoyed its lifestyle benefits. I haven’t had much to say about IF lately because I’m not currently practicing it despite recent hints that I intend to do so.

It seems like I’m experiencing an episode of mental weakness.

“GASP!” you exclaim in response to my revelation.

Rest assured my cyberspace fitness brothers and sisters that all is well inside my stoic mental fortress. I’m merely enjoying an IF time out and will be back on the IF saddle shortly. Lent 2010 is right around the corner and it will probably jump start my return to IF-land. Additionally, next Friday I’ll be fasting for the day for a special reason.

But until then, I’m enjoying my mental weakness hiccup.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


fishhead said...

I've lost 15 lbs now following IF. Yeehaa!! I made an attempt once before, last spring, and failed. This time I have been able to stick with it. I hope to never fail again! :)
IF's so much better than obsessing about calorie counting. I can't get hubby to grasp it yet though.

Have a great day!

Charles Long said...

I prefer intermittent eating myself.

Franklin said...

I'm still following my simple "No chow after 6pm" guideline to keep me under 85kg. This give my digestive system at least a twelve hour rest each day.

Somedays this means I don't get a chance to eat a "dinner" .. boohoo ..