Monday, January 18, 2010

Pardon my rust #1

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Last Saturday was the second Saturday that a gym friend and I got together for an hour-long plus workout of traditional Shotokan karate kata. Besides belonging to the same gym, we both have something else in common in that we have trained at different dojo practicing these traditional kata for years. Anothing thing we have in common is that we have not regularly trained in the past year and both sport some obvious performance rust.

During this workout, I was able to capture five short videos of me performing kata and this week I’ll share one of them per day for a Monday through Friday “pardon my rust” theme.

Today’s kata is Heian Godan, the fifth kata of the Shotokan Heian series. It’s the most advanced of what is basically a beginner series of kata that one learns during their first year of training. Heian Godan is a very visually exciting kata. Being the most athletic of the Heian series, this kata employs movements, techniques and concepts that stretch the skills of the beginning student.

Please be kind in your comments and remember that my shoulders still bother me and this limits my ability to perform certain techniques such as inside outward blocking techniques. Also, no comments, please that my feet need a suntan or that I'm not wearing my white pajamas.

Thanks for viewing pardon my rust #1.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Tom said...

Good job. It makes me think again that kata can be a complete fitness system just in themselves. It really can be that simple. Keep it up.

fishhead said...

Looked good to me.
But then again, I'm no expert-ha!

Donna :)

Charles Long said...

Your feet need a suntan and you're not wearing your white pajamas.

(Since you pointed that out someone just had to do it. I took it upon myself to step up to the plate.)

Jason said...

I remember when you used to work with me on this one! Good to see you're working on your kata!

pierini said...

Thanks all for the visits. I'm starting to get busy with my work so my acknowledgment times are starting to slow.

Not a single comment about my grey/white whiskers. They are about to be gone.