Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pardon my rust #3

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The week marches forward with another short kata video during my Monday through Friday “pardon my rust” series. If this is your first visit this week, scroll down and read Monday and Tuesday’s blogflections to know what this pardon the rust is all about.

Today’s kata video is Bassai Dai, originally named Passai in the Okinawan family of karate styles. There are two variations of the Shotokan Bassai – Bassai Dai (major) and Bassai Sho (minor). Bassai Dai is considered an intermediate-level kata that one typically learns during their second year of diligent training.

According to deceased Shotokan karate master Mastatoshi Nakayama in his classic "Best Karate" series of books, “from Bassai Dai can be learned composure and agility, strength and change, fast and slow techniques, the dynamics of strength turning advantage into disadvantage and changing blocks.”

Again – thanks to performance rust and nagging and persistent sore shoulders – a trained eye will conclude that my exhibition falls short in demonstrating all of these performance attributes. Here it is:

Thanks for viewing pardon my rust #3.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


fishhead said...

Pierini, where's your video?
You know, all that negative talk about your performance is just too negative.
Stand proud, young man!!
(I hope you're not taking me too seriously.)

pierini said...

Thanks for the confirmation that it's a blogger problem and not my computer. All the vids I have posted from the past do not show. I suspect the problem will be fixed shortly but it's beyond my control.

Tom said...

You can feel as self-conscious-critical as you want, but it looks real good to me. Rust schmust. Karate is too wide a field to have to have done any single skill in the recent past. If it weren't, even the best karate dude you could think of would be lacking 99% of the time. You put in enough time to not worry about that.