Tuesday, April 21, 2009

These are what I take

So I’ve made a business decision to continue following my 2/24 intermittent fasting way of eating five days a week until further notice, probably Monday through Friday. I last wrote about it here: It's been an amazing journey

Since concluding my 2009 Lenten intermittent fasting journey on Easter Sunday (nine days ago), I have continued eating this way six of those nine day, including today. Here are some things I've discovered:

Significant decrease in trash
I remember taking the trash out the night before garbage service pickup and noticed that the outside garbage can was bone dry. In other words, it took a whole week to fill up the kitchen trash container to the point it was time to dump it in the outside garbage can. I can’t think of any other period in my adult life where this happened before.

Money savings
Two-thirds through my Lenten intermittent fasting journey, I asked my wife if we were saving any money on account of me eating less. “Yes!” she exclaimed while adding that her life had been so much simpler not having to constantly go grocery shopping trying to keep up with my demand.

Getting more done in daytime hours
All I can say is try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I continue to be amazed at the people who believe eating this way is not healthy, and the negative comments they share about eating a single large meal late in the evening. My reply to their comments is always the same: “how do you know, have you tried it?” None have. One person told me that it was bad because they heard a medical doctor say so on a television talk show program.

My experience is that many medical doctors are not the best models or source of fitness, health and nutrition advice and often don’t follow the advice they dispense. A friend of mine wholeheartedly agreed with me. He told me the time his doctor hastily wrote him an unnecessary prescription for high blood pressure medicine while saying, “here's a prescription, these are what I take”.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...

Along with getting more done, my nap requirements are way down. Think about it, what is more natural than eating and sleeping, in that order? So why should we wake up and eat?


Anonymous said...

What is often said is that to lose weight, don't eat a late meal, raiding the refrigerator known for putting the weight on.