Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A fat man on the beach

Why even bother? That was the title of a recent blogflection of another middle-age man fitness blogger who shared that he sometimes asks himself “why in the world are you doing this?” As a late entry to the fascinating world of Olympic weightlifting, he knows that he will only be able to handle a fraction of the weights that seasoned Olympic weightlifters lift on a regular basis.

Those are good questions that we all need to ask ourselves. Why do I bother? Why in the world am I doing this? Huffing and puffing in the gym when I could be sitting on a couch wearing a pair of baggy faded green sweat pants with the television remote control in one hand and a big bag of potato chips in the other hand, watching reruns of Judge Judy or a steady stream of infomercials while seeing how fast I can surf every channel available – a PR of a different kind.

I’ll tell you why I do it. Actually there are several reasons why I do it. First and foremost, to give thanks to God and to take care of the body and good health He has given me. I’ll skip all the other reasons and go to the last one – because this summer I don’t want to be a fat man on the beach.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Gunther said...

good point. And this might also save you, as otherwise some greenpeace members might roll you back to the sea, thinking a whale has been stranded. :)

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Gunther,

Thanks for the visit and the powerful visual image. It reminds me of another image that a friend shared of a bunch of little Eskimo kids jumping and playing on top of a stranded whale on the beach.

Have a great day!

Jim Carlson said...

Now that I signed up properly for the Google account I wish to pass along this saying that I often reminded when I put on belt buckle.

When your belt buckle faces downward it's time to stop eating.

Circa: 1991 Jim Carlson

Justin_PS said...


Thanks for making my eyeballs bleed with that pic in this blog post! Seriously, this was a thought provoking post that inspired me to write one based on it.

Good stuff!

Pierini Fitness said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for stopping by and your comments. I enjoyed writing it and am glad that a couple people have enjoyed reading it.

Keep writing your stuff too. It's good. Eventually our stuff crosses paths like your recent blogflections about the ab plank. I've written about it a time or two.

Take care my young cyberspace fitness brother from a different mother and have a great day!