Friday, September 25, 2009

Safety in movement

My blogging journey has blessed me with many self-discoveries, particularly when my blogflections have a reflective theme and ask thought-provoking questions, like the one I wrote on Monday here: Empty your cup.

I am also blessed when cyberspace friends and strangers visit and take the time to post a comment about a daily blogflection, and that was the case when Anonymous visited and posted a comment that spellbound me with its adventure and cleverness that I decided to make it today’s Pierini Fitness blogflection. It needs to be read in the context of Monday’s blogflection. Here it is, completed unedited in its entirety:

“You wake up in what seems to be a cheap motel room. You are fully dressed in a shirt and slacks. But your shoes, a pair of Nike sneakers, are under a nearby chair. You feel refreshed and relaxed. But that relaxed feeling disappears when you realize that you don’t know who you are or why you are in this particular motel room.

You look at a clock on the bed stand. It’s 6:00 AM, and there is a card on your bed stand that says that checkout time is 10:00 AM. You search your pockets. You have only a wallet, sans identification.

There is exactly $100 dollars in your wallet. A quick search of your room confirms that you have no luggage. You open a window. A fresh, sweet breeze blows in. The air is cool but not cold. And the leaves on a nearby tree are still green, so it’s summer.

But you still have no a clue as to who you are. Although your emotions are under control, something tells you that you are in danger.

Now what? Your intuition warns you not to go to the front desk in order to inquire about who you are. You sense the need for extreme caution.

So what’s your plan? How will you determine your identity? You look into the mirror over the sink in the bathroom. Your reflection tells you that you are a white male about six feet tall with graying hair. You feel healthy and strong and judge yourself to be around 55 to 60 years of age.

Survival is the first order of the day. You need information about who you are, but are you safe in going to the police? What’s going on? Are you being pursued by the authorities? Maybe people other than the police are pursuing you. Why can’t you remember? Have you been drugged or injured? You, certainly, don’t feel either sick or injured.

Wild scenarios go through your head. You know you need time to organize your thoughts, but your resources are extremely limited. Your money won’t go far. Should you attempt to stay in the city? For some reason you sense that there is a wilderness area near by. Should you procure some camping essentials and blend into the woods in order to gather your thoughts? That would be an option. It would be a way to gain some time.

You quickly don your shoes and exit the room. You sense safety in movement.”

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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