Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing the Pierini DIET

I've written a short e-book named The Pierini DIET. It's a middle-age man's measured approach to helping you eat less food and conquering middle-age fatness.

If you're not fat and don't eat too much food then this book may not be of interest to you, but maybe for someone you know.

While written from a middle-age man’s perspective, this e-book is for anyone who wants help to eat less food.

People get fat and obese because they eat too much.  The Pierini DIET and it's measured coaxing approach helps you decrease the time you spend eating. The amount of food you eat is a function of the time you devote to eating. You eat too much food when you devote too much time to eating.

Fitness is my ministry so this e-book is free if you say please. Send your e-mail address to me at pierinifitness@gmail.com, say please, and I'll send you a free copy. The only favor I ask in return is that you give it an honest read and share your comments. If you decide to take The Pierini DIET for a test drive, I'd appreciate you sharing your experiences and success with it.

Here's a short video introducing The Pierini DIET:

Thank you for this cyberspace pleasure of introducing The Pierini DIET.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

1 comment:

Franklin said...

Hi Ed,

Nicely done!

There is no doubt that your approach will work on those individuals who truly want to loose weight.

My own experience with a similar approach was that when "milkshakeifying" my food, I had to eat alone more often as I discovered that unsolicited conversations would start up when my mouth full was only half liquified. So to avoid being anti-social I had to hide (resulting in being anti-social).

The other issue I ran into was that the chewing effect to slow down consumption is greatly limited when ones diet consists mainly of pre-liquefied foods (soups, oatmeal, stews, protein shakes). However, with respect to the Pierini Diet, reduction in consumption time should still get desired results.

As for my own take on dieting one of simplest most effective methods is to stop eating or drinking anything caloric after 6pm. This alway has provided immediate results when I needed to shed a few pounds quickly and painlessly.

(Note: This comment also appears on goheavy.com, the unofficial and most widely frequented forum for Olympic Style Weightlifting)