Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My friend Tom

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Sunday I returned to California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) to watch my friend Tom compete in the 46th Annual Golden West Open Olympic Weightlifting Competition. I graduated from CSUS in 1979 before Tom was born. Tom is my “fitness son just for fun” who was born around the same year as my son – circa 1980.

I met Tom at my alma mater gym, Bodytribe, a little over one year ago. He was about 135 lbs. dripping wet when we first met and hadn’t begun his Olympic weightlifting journey. What motivated him to go that route I’m not sure but maybe it was him watching me in my clumsy efforts with the Olympic lifts.

During one of my last workouts at Bodytribe, I brought a friend as a guest to train with me. His name is Rick and he’s the person doing that Sprint 8 workout featured in yesterday’s Pierini Fitness blogflection. I introduced Rick to Tom by telling Rick that when I met Tom about one year ago I was stronger than him but now he is stronger than me. I then went on to say that when I met Tom I was better looking than him and still am one year later. That drew a laugh from both of them.

Anyway, Tom is now about 15 pounds heavier, stronger, and his Olympic weightlifting performance continues to improve by the day. He had a great day at the competition and I have the video to prove it below:

You did great Tom. Keep up the good work, train smart and be safe. Even though I don’t train at Bodytribe anymore like you do, you’ll always be my friend Tom.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words in your blog! I am honored to have an article about me in Pierini Fitness!


Anonymous said...

The guy's got a pretty sick pull honestly. Just needs a lil more work on receiving.