Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you for your comments

Earlier this month, a Pierini Fitness blogflection announced that I wrote a short e-book named The Pierini DIET to help middle-age men eat less food and conquer middle-age fatness. Here it is in case you missed it: Introducing The Pierini DIET

Here are some unsolicited comments and testimonials from those who have taken the Pierini DIET for a test drive:

Greg M from Wisconsin writes: “Ed, I love your diet. Printed it out and am utilizing the "milkshakefying" method of consuming food and liquid at the same time. This technique, at least I find, automatically reduces the quantity one would usually consume at a meal by extending the time of mastication. It increases satisfaction too. This is one well thought-out, creative and effective diet. Had to let you know.”

Franklin H from Massachusetts writes: “Hi Ed, Nicely done! There is no doubt that your approach will work on those individuals who truly want to lose weight.”

Andrea from Milano, Italia writes: “Hi Pierini, I read the book. The good point is the “milkshakefying”. This is something I agree on.”

Tom G from California writes: “Great job.”

A person going by the name sixstringsurfer from an internet fitness forum writes: “I’ve done this eating plan for a week now . . . it really does cause me to eat slower and to take smaller bites . . . so far I like the diet.”

Rick G from California writes: “Thanks to your advice, initially with intermittent fasting and now the Pierini DIET, I’ve gone from 218 lbs. to 198 lbs. in 9 weeks.”

Thank you for your comments.

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