Monday, November 9, 2009

Testing my overhead

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For what seems like forever, I’ve been sporting a bum right shoulder that has prevented me doing overhead work in my training. I’m nothing more than a meathead in knowing what the problem is, but I describe it as an injured right anterior deltoid muscle. People tell me to go get it checked out, and I probably should, but my seasoned experience in training injuries is that rest and time are the best healers. I’m not foolish enough to avoid professional consultation and treatment if my body told me I was seriously injured. That’s not the case here.

Anyway, after being patient for several weeks (I’m too lazy to review my training journals and count how many), I decided to test the waters during my second workout at my new gym. So last Friday, after an extended shoulder flexibility and warm-up “investment”, I decided that there’s no better way to test my shoulders than performing the Olympic-style squat snatch and that is what I did as follows (all loads in lbs.): 45x3 – 55x3 – 55x3 – 55x3 – and then 89x1 completing 10 singles in 11 attempts.

The following Saturday morning, I accompanied my wife to the gym and decided to self-administer a second “how’s my shoulder doing?” test. This time it was the Olympic-style clean and jerk and this is what I did (again all loads in lbs.): 89x3 – 89x3 – 133x3 – 133x3 – 133x3. Afterwards, I performed a set of 3 reps of a left-handed push press using a 24kg kettlebell but did not attempt a set on my right side. My shoulder said “No!”

These loads were very light but safe and wise, and I’m glad I chose them and decided not to go heavier. My test results indicate that I’m not 100 percent yet but capable of some cautious and measured low-volume overhead work. That’s what I’ll be doing this week but will error on the side of caution.

Slowly but surely, my shoulder is on the road to recovery. I was pleased with my effort and performance in testing my overhead.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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Franklin said...

Sets of OHS triples with just over 60kg is not light. Glad to hear you are back with OH work.

Looks like my knee was not as bad as I thought as I've back training for about a week now.