Monday, December 16, 2013

Loaded gun pointed at my head

So we’re all having a great time this Christmas 2013 with festivities centered on plentiful food and drink both at home and work.

We'll add pounds to bathroom scale readings and girth to laps while sampling an endless assortment of yuletide gastronomical delights.

We’ll savor and “scarf” them down in lighting-speed repetition much like doing a high-intensity interval training workout at the gym.  In these mania moments, we’ll seldom allow hunger to a factor in our consumption decisions.

But it comes at a price as I was recently reminded when reading a news article on the internet.  In my part of the world, Californians typically weigh about 10 pounds more today than they did fifteen years ago, according to the latest federal data.

California adult men weigh, on average, nine pounds more than they did fifteen years earlier while women weight ten pound more. I’ve contributed to this golden state communal average weight spike.

But in a moment of serious middle-aged man denial of my truth, I’ll try my best selling you that mine is due to muscle gain from strength training.  It makes me feel good while grabbing another Santa Claus cookie.

After all, what’s a person like me supposed to do when a friend or family member brings me more food and drink to ingest with an order to eat or else?  

It’s so hard saying no to their ultimatum while they have me handcuffed with a loaded gun pointed at my head.    

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

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